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About Us

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About Us

Epic Times At Game Time

Hey Groton, get ready to amp up your game nights at Game Time Sports Bar and Restaurant! We're not just a bar; we're the ultimate hangout where epic sports, killer bites, and your crew collide.

Immerse yourself in the game on our TV's or unwind with some pool, darts, or one of our awesome arcade games (we recommend Golden Tee).

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Endless Fun
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About Us

It’s Game Time, Groton!

Born from a love for the game, good times, and the spirit of Groton, founder Daniel Van Krunigen envisions Game Time as a place where you come to catch the wins, the near-misses, and everything in between.

Our vibe? Think of it as the center stage of excitement – always live and totally immersive. With 16 TV screens lighting up the space, there's not a single spot where you’ll miss out on the action. At our place, you're always in the heart of the game.

Our eats? Think your favorite game-day grub with a side of #Foodie love. We're talking local flavors that pack a punch and a lineup of brews and mixes that keep the night young.

But what's a bar without events? Trivia, live DJs, acoustic nights - we've got it all. And our mixologists? Artists, creating the next Insta-worthy sip for your feed.

Here's the deal - Game Time Sports Bar is about coming together and making those "remember when?" moments. It's where you cheer, you laugh, and let's be real, enjoy bragging rights when your team crushes it.

So, Groton and beyond, slide into Game Time when you're ready for a night that's lit with spirit and stories waiting to happen. Because here, every play is a reason to party.

Let's make some noise, let's make some memories – it’s Game Time!